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visionKilnamanagh Community National School is a caring learning environment where each child is welcomed, respected, cherished and facilitated in reaching their full potential whatever their background, nationality or faith.

Kilnamanagh CNS is a learning community where children’s learning is paramount. Staff, parents and community members share in the educational development of the pupils in ways which are both stimulating and appropriate to the needs of the children in our school.

Kilnamanagh Community National School seeks to ensure that all members of the school community work in partnership, having the best interest of pupils at heart and for the development of the whole community.

mission-iconOur mission is to provide a new model of primary education that reflects Ireland in the 21st Century. Kilnamanagh Community National School provides a welcome to each child in the community we serve and create learning opportunities in a setting of diversity and inclusion.

Our school caters for the physical, academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs of children within the school day in a supportive and caring environment.