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Our school is opening with fourteen children in September 2019 … and has a projected quick growth!
In August 2019, a second teacher Jamie Lee Somers joined Bróna Kenneally (Teaching Principal). From August 2019, two classrooms will be in use: The Junior Room, with Múinteoir Bróna which has junior infants to second class. At the moment there are seven junior infants, three senior infants, three first class in the junior room and in the senior room there are three third class, one in fourth class, three in fifth class and two in sixth class. A number of new enrolments are confirmed for September 2020.
Our school has and will benefit from the goodwill and generosity of many community members. Parents can be actively involved in developing the school. We welcome involvement from past pupils also. We look forward to the rich experience parents, community members, pupils can bring to the school and will warmly welcome these. We are hugely thankful to everyone who enabled our school to open in September 2019 and we look forward to seeing our school thrive as the year goes on.