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Community National Schools

Community National Schools (CNS) were established in 1998 as a new model of multi-denominational education for 21st century Ireland under the patronage of the Education and Training Board of Ireland (ETBI).

CNS Ethos

The characteristic spirit or ethos of the CNS model is expressed in four cornerstones:

  • Excellence in education: Our high-calibre teachers focus on excellence in developing the whole child.
  • Equality-based education: We challenge prejudice and discrimination and we celebrate diversity.
  • Community-focused education: Parents and community members experience strong partnerships with us.
  • Multidenominational education: We respect all beliefs and opinions that are respectful of others.
    CNS schools are faith/belief-friendly places where children are encouraged to express their family’s faith and beliefs and to share these with other children and teachers. The CNS commitment to celebrating and nurturing the beliefs of all children distinguishes CNSs from other multidenominational school models.

CNS Vision Statement

Our vision for children’s learning and development in Community National Schools is characterised by:
A caring learning environment which welcomes, respects, cherishes and facilitates each child to reach their full potential whatever their background/nationality/faith/beliefs.
Learning opportunities, experiences and outcomes which are relevant and appropriate for children in 21st century Ireland, supported by staff, parents and community members.
A school community which works in partnership toward the development of the whole school community, in the best interest of children.

Role of the Education and Training Boards

The establishment and maintenance of recognised schools is one of the Education and Training Board’s General Functions (Education and Training Board Act, 2013, Section 10). The ETB is both the corporate body and patron of its schools. The ETB delegates the management of each recognised school to a Board of Management. The Board of Management replaces the Single School Manager in managing schools on behalf of the patron by upholding the characteristic spirit of the school, e.g., through the school’s cultural, educational, moral, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions (Education Act, 1998, Section 15).

Patron’s Programme

The Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY) the curriculum is the Patron’s Programme for Community National Schools. GMGY is taught in Community National Schools during time traditionally scheduled for ‘Religious Education’. Further information on GMGY is provided here.