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May 2020 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian;

May is a wonderful month for outdoors. As everyone is at home now due to the Covid-19 pandemic there will be more opportunities now than ever to spend time outside with your family. As we are expected to stay at home for longer, we can try to make the best out of the situation we find ourselves in and enjoy it.


New school building

We received the wonderful news that our school has been granted funding for one new classroom, one new Special Educational Teaching (SET) room and one universal toilet. While we wait for this to develop we have also been granted permission for a temporary Portacabin buidling. This means so much to everyone as we move forwards respectively ensuring more space.

School Work

Well done to all the parents and guardians for the last few weeks, this has been a challenging time for everyone and all your effort, support and engagement is very well received. Your class teacher will continue to send out work via email and Google Classroom for the senior room. The aim is to continue to allow for the continuity to your child’s learning from the classroom and to adapt this for home and the current environment.

Keep up the great work and remember that we understand how different everyone’s situation is at home and we expect you to do as best as you can in your own given circumstances. You as the parent know your child and situation best, so our recommendations are guidelines only and hopefully any work we send will help you in your efforts.

Website and Social Media

We are trying to keep the website updated on a regular basis with curriculum and well-being information. There are lots of useful sites on there for every subject including lots of different or new fun games/activities to try out, and important mental health information. Also our Facebook page often has interesting relevant publications from other educational sources and samples of the children’s work. Send in any photos of the work your child has done and we will post them there. Please remember to exercise caution with your child when accessing any material online and stay safe.


These points are important for everyone, as we continue to work together as a whole country to beat this

  • Keep up social distance when meeting others, two metres apart
  • Wash hands frequently and for about 20 seconds in total
  • Only go out for necessary journeys
  • Stay safe at home
  • Take exercise


Notice Board